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Massage Therapist in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire We provide sports, deep tissue, pregnancy, hot stone, Indian head and back massages. In addition, we offer reflexology, acupuncture and biomechanics assessments.
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  • Year established: 2014
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113 Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
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Sports Massage
1 Hour 45
read moreSports massage, also known as remedial massage, is a type of massage that is strong and area-specific, with a focus on the cause of the problem and what can be done to fix it. It can help to relieve minor injuries, stretch tight muscles, reduce stiffness and prevent the niggles that get in the way of day-to-day life.
Swedish Massage
1 Hour 40
read moreThis deeply relaxing full body massage is sometimes simply referred to as a relaxation massage or oil massage. It is the perfect remedy to dissolve the stresses and strains of everyday life. During a full body Swedish massage, pure massage oils are used on the body alongside a variety of massage techniques, to ease tense muscles, restore your inner calm and transport you to a place of blissful relaxation.
Indian Head Massage
45 mins 30
read moreThis extremely effective, stress-relieving treatment is more than just a head massage - it involves massage to the scalp, neck, face, upper back, arms and hands. Massage oil is used to perform a variety of deeply relaxing techniques, to release tension and restore a sense of wellbeing, with the benefits being felt throughout both the body and mind.
Hot Stone Massage
1 Hour 40
read moreAdd something different to your massage experience by trying a hot stone massage. This full body massage uses oil and smooth basalt stones. The stones are warmed to an ambient temperature and then placed on the skin to help tight muscles relax. A hot stone massage is the best thing for helping to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders or an aching back.
Back Massage
1 Hour 40
read moreThe back massage includes a variety of techniques, to iron out the muscle tension that is often responsible for causing the pain experienced in our backs. The pressure is measured to your preference, ranging from strong to more relaxing.
Pregnancy Massage
1 Hour 40
read morePregnancy or antenatal massage has a wonderful range of benefits for prenatal women. As pregnancy progresses, it's common for women to experience more niggles. A massage helps to alleviate the general pregnancy aches and pains that can occur, such as back ache and gives a pregnant woman valuable time to relax and unwind before the baby arrives.
1 hour 40
read moreReflexology is based on the principal that reflex points on the feet and hands correspond to organs, glands and other parts of the body and that by applying pressure and massaging specific areas the reflexologist can help identify any imbalances, work on those areas to release congestion and improve a client's health and wellbeing.
1 hour 40
read moreAcupuncture is a system of healing that has been practised for over 2,500 years. It is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is used widely in China and other Eastern countries. It involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the body along lines known as meridians or channels, with the aim of improving the flow of qi (energy or life force) and bringing about a therapeutic and beneficial effect. Treatments are tailored to the individual, and the points used will vary according to the clients symptoms and general health.
Biomechanics Assessment
1.75-hour biomechanics assessment 80
read moreBiomechanics testing is a unique way of testing how the body moves. We assess the body as a whole rather than just focusing on one specific area. We run 27 tests to work out which muscles and joints are moving correctly and which are not. As part of the tests, we look at key areas like your feet, knees, hips, spine and shoulders.
Gait Analysis
1-hour gait-analysis 55
read moreDuring a gait analysis, well be assessing the way you run whilst on a treadmill. We will take video footage and well use this to assess you from head to foot, looking to see whether there are any biomechanical problems with your gait cycle and offering advice & tips on how to improve your running style and reduce the risk of injury.


David George
read moreI had a sports massage with Imogen for a recent gym injury and it has helped my back to heal, it released a lot of tension and allowed me to move afterwards with a lot more ease. The session was pleasant and the treatment was given to a high standard. I would recommend to others with similar strains and injuries.
Andy Cessford
read moreIve had a bad shoulder for about 10 years and now Im kicking myself for not seeing James and Adjust sooner!! After just one session James has worked my shoulder back to being able to fully rotate it and it feels so much better. He certainly knows his stuff and his hands, elbows and acupuncture (which Ive never had before, you dont feel anything other than relaxed) have done magic of some kind to my shoulder. Great venue and rooms and Id highly recommend it!!
Neera Sharma
read moreI've suffered from muscle knot on my left shoulder for 6 years. I've tried sports and deep tissue massage from various people and places. I booked in with Gemma after hearing other positive feedback. She spent one hour on my back. I felt the muscle knot easing up and the tension being released. My whole back feels more flexible which is evident in the exercises I have done after my session. I would highly recommend Gemma
Russell Porter
read moreJust had a deep tissue massage by Anna. Was my first time here and Anna was brilliant. Feel amazing afterwards and certainly will return
Deanna-Grace Leman
read moreI was extremely thankful of finding a place where I could book a massage in the same week I was looking. It's great to see a company realise that when you want to book a massage, it's because you need it pretty soon!
I highly recommend Jen: after an hours full body massage I felt incredibly relaxed and refreshed. Jen was fantastic at recognising tender areas and adjusting her technique accordingly. Still enjoying the effects of this massage 3 days later. Thank you again, I'll be back with out a doubt.
Becca Atkins
read moreAfter a couple of very active and tiring weeks at work my neck and shoulders were very tight and sore. I was able to book an appointment the same week as the massage which was fab. After an hour of deep tissue massage with Imogen almost all the tension had gone. I definitely recommend Adjust Massage to anyone. The variety of treatments they offer is great so there really is something for everyone.
Lucy McIntyre-Sowter
read moreI was lucky enough to win a competition for a sports massage with Hayley. Perfect timing as I am training for a marathon and had a few niggles. Hayley listened to my whinging and really focused on what I needed during the session. I walked out feeling immediately better, everything feels looser and my husband says I walked back in looking 2 inches taller. The clinic is about 45 minutes from me and well worth the journey. Booking back in for another massage before the big day. Thank you Adjust!
Sally-Anne Labbate
read moreAs a busy working mum of two, I had my first Swedish massage yesterday with Hayley. It was totally amazing. I was so relaxed afterwards and that carried in through the day. It helped me sleep better, my little lady of 13 months still woke up 3/4 times in the night but I got straight back to sleep again. My neck shoulders felt freer and my daily headache eased somewhat too. In conclusion this was the first of many. I intend to block book next time I'm in. I highly recommend this to anyone and to anyone that is in you won't regret it. Thanks Hayley.
Kari Olsen-Porthouse
read moreI had a sports massage this week for a knee problem Ive got through running. It was AMAZING! Hayley really worked through the problem areas and I feel much better already. Lovely room and Hayley put me at ease immediately. She was friendly and professional and Ill definitely be going back for some regular treatments.
Pearl Allsop
read moreI got recommended to James as I had really bad pains with one of my knees, since I have seen James he has worked on loosening my muscles in my legs, hips and lower back as well as my knee
He has worked wonders as I feel so much better and I am in less pain with my muscles not being so tight.
I cannot recommend James and his team enough
Thank you so much James for your help in relieving my pain with your therapy
Zoyla Avalon Alice
read moreHad a Pregnancy Massage this weekend just gone, the team were really good at fitting me in last minute. My Therapist Sarah was really good, very personable and completed a very personalised consultation then worked out what was best for me and tailored my massages from that. Will definitely be looking to book in some more!
Thank you
Mary Geoghegan
read moreI had a great full body holistic deep tissue massage from Anna. She really knows what she's doing and gave tips for me to help reduce my pain in my shoulders. I loved the use of the hot stones too.
Mitchell Thomas
read moreFirst time for me getting a deep tissue massage, went in to see Hayley, who was able to really work on the issue I was feeling, I feel that I got a great service and I would recommend Hayley and Adjust for definite.
Tom Craig
read moreI had pretty bad back pain and was recommended to visit Adjust Massage by two colleagues from work. I was able to be seen within a couple of hours. Hayley delivered a great sports massage which helped relieve some pain. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a sports massage.
Gareth Bidder
read moreBeen here a few times and always great. Went in a lot of pain after a mid distance event and Sarah really sorted me out! Great advice and mix of massage and deep stretches worked a treat. Will go again.
Hannah Marsden
read moreHad a great sports massage from Clare! She was able to diagnose the problem and target the massage to really help the pain in my hip! 3 days later and it feels much better
Sandi Macleod
read moreHad my first appointment this morning with Heather for an Indian Head Massage. Heather was polite, welcoming, and VERY good at massage. Heather managed to relax me, and I've felt dreamy since leaving her therapy room. I highly recommend Heather for an Indian Head Massage. I'm looking forward to repeating my treatments regularly. Thank you so much.

Key People

James Sylvester
read moreJames owns and runs Adjust Massage with his wife, Hayley.
Hayley Sylvester
read moreHayley owns and runs Adjust Massage with her husband, James.


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