Entertainer in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Entertainer in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Escape the room games are becoming more and more mainstream with brands such as panic rooms becoming recognized world wide. Our rooms aim to be fairly different from the usual hunt for keys and locks as we find that formula has become a little repetitive. Our goal is to provide an experience unlike any room you've been in before! Common attendees include popular local sporting teams and celebrities as well as journalists and radio presenters. Once the door closes a 60 minute countdown begins and it's time to put your skills against our challenging puzzles to try and make it out before the countdown reaches zero.

We currently have two active rooms, an "alien" themed escape room and an Egyptian themed "mummy" escape room. A third room "Battleship" is currently under construction and we hope to start taking pre-bookings for it shortly. Many tourists visiting Nottingham for the day often drop by as we are recommended on many "things to do in Nottingham" lists and we're happy to provide you with directions and parking advice if you get in touch. So what exactly is an escape room? An escape room game is an activity where a group of participants have a defined amount of time (usually 60 minutes) to solve a series of puzzles of various types that provide clues pointing you towards the solution of the last puzzle which will unlocked the door of the room.

Our escape rooms in Nottingham are a little different than most however so don't expect the usual hunting around for keys and locks, we will really be putting your mental skills to the test.. We use hi-tech puzzles that accomplish a high degree of storytelling through computer systems such as tablets and monitors, recorded audio and interactive environments. It's really best that you come and try it out for yourself!

Ilocked is an hi-tech escape room established in Nottingham, not like lots of escape games this is not simply a find the key/lock game. Our puzzle rooms provide a really one-of-a-kind escape room experience and are ideal for any sightseers who are looking for activities to do in Nottinghamshire. Our escape the room games in Nottinghamshire use creative puzzles to produce a challenging 60 - minute countdown against the timer to escape.

Ilocked puzzle rooms make use of cutting-edge escape room technology to supply an unique challenge to all visitors with puzzles that demand you to think outside of what is usually expected in an escape room..

We welcome all experience levels and generations to our rooms although barring quite young children.

We accommodate for stag and hen parties, team building, both kids and adult birthday parties, date nights and a diverse range of corporate functions.

If you wish to check the prices of our escape rooms just head online to our website where you can also find out which booking slots are readily available to reserve.

Escape rooms in Nottingham are becoming more and more well known with companies such as panic rooms becoming recognized across the world.

Our escape games try to be somewhat different from the regular hunt for keys and locks as we feel that formula has become somewhat repetitive. Our objective is to provide an adventure unlike any room you've been in until now!

Popular guests include famous regional sporting teams and celebrities as well as reporters and radio presenters.

Right after the door closes a 60 min timer begins and it's time to put your abilities against our challenging puzzles to try and make it before the clock strikes zero!

As it currently stands we have two available rooms in Nottingham, a "space/alien" themed puzzle room and an Egyptian themed "mummy" puzzle room. A third escape room "Battleship" is already under construction and we expect to start taking early bookings for it in the near future so register your interest now to be one of the early birds in Notts to try the new game.

Many visitors visiting Nottinghamshire for a short trip frequently drop in as we are strongly recommended on many "fun things to do in Nottinghamshire" lists and we're happy to provide you with directions and parking information if you get in touch.

So what exactly is an escape the room game ?

An escape game is an exciting activity in which a party of people have a specified amount of time (generally 60 minutes) to deal with a set of puzzles of numerous types that give clues steering you in the direction of the answer of the very last puzzle, which when solved will unlock the door of the escape game. Our escape rooms in Nottingham are a little different than most however so don't expect the normal searching around for keys and locks, we will really be putting your problem solving skills to the test. Come alert and ready as concentration and focus will be required if you expect to make it through one of our hi-tech rooms.

We utilize advanced puzzles that accomplish a very high degree of storytelling through technology such as ipads and computers, recorded audio and creative scenery.

It's honestly advisable that you come and give it a try for yourself!

Escape room prices - how much does it cost?

That all depends on time of week/year you visit as we offer both peak and off-peak prices as well as prices varying depending on the size of the party you're attending with.

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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
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read moreOur Alien escape room sends commands into the future, to the year 2224. Players are astronauts flying a spaceship back to Earth from the planet Next. Suddenly, the ship's self-destruct system reports unknown biomaterial. Aliens! Players have to get rid of them, but it will not be easy. How can disaster be averted? Players have to race through the spaceship's numerous modules, where they will find lots of things to investigate. Will they be able to use the space technology correctly? That depends on whether they can fight off the invading aliens. Players have just one hour to get out. This space horror-themed escape game from Ilocked is great fun for family and friend teams.
The Mummy
read moreA team of intrepid researchers has discovered a pyramid in the golden sands of the Egyptian desert. Nobody has been here for more than 3000 years. They will be the first to see the burial chambers and other secrets of the pyramid. IF they can survive. The explorers need to make sure to solve all the riddles of the pyramid: the wily Egyptians have set plenty of traps.

"The Mummy" sends players to another world, where they boldly take on the most complex tests. Will they escape the Pharaoh's curse? This Nottingham escape game from Ilocked is suitable for both adults and children.
read moreOur Battleship escape room sends players into combat on a submarine. Youll need to become familiar with the main features of the vessel. You will have the opportunity to use a periscope with a built-in Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, operate the command centre, and inspect the submarines nuclear reactor. This is a demanding game, with real suits and hardware. You will see many dials and buttons. Battleship is suitable for mixed-gender teams, and requires you to make the right decisions. Its a great way to bring people closer together and develop teamwork.


Catherine Bent
read moreIt was our first escape game experience, and I can't fault it. We had the most amazing experience, and because we came in not knowing what to expect, we came out feeling proud to have escaped. We tried the Alien room, and we really felt like we were in the story. We had few struggles throughout but the staff was lovely to support us throughout when we really needed it.
We were unsure at the beginning because we are all deaf so we were worried in terms of any clues via audio speakers or something like that but I messaged the company beforehand to discuss the situation and they were absolutely lovely and suggested to support us straight away. They suggested that we try Alien since they had monitors that they were able to text us so it put us at ease. They also provided us the story of the room and rules on paper before we started so they're really considerate and make their way out to support every individual.
I loved the fact there there were a lot of things to do for a team (we were team of 5) so we were all doing different things which is ideal.
Definitely recommend! Gonna try the Mummy next time!
Simon Horn
read moreilocked was my third escape room experience, we tried the spaceship room.
It was fantastic, the level of detail in the set and the technology involved far far far surpasses what I have been to before. You can really see the passion the owner has put into this.
It was so much fun, next time Im in town I will try out the other room!
Gizzeh Andrew
read moreWe came today for the "Alien" escape room. Our first time, it was awesome, (we got to the last room!) really well thought out and a lot of work has gone into making this, very high tech! The owner is a really friendly bloke! Deffo want to come again for the mummy room, and submarine sounds interesting!
Caroline Munday Kear
read moreMy friends and I went yesterday and we all had a great time! The game was very high tech and there were lots of challenges for us to complete in the Alien themed room! We managed to escape with 13 seconds to go! Great experience topped off with the high tech-ness of the room!
Georgina Sharpe
read moreI took my 13 year old daughter and her friends for her birthday. She picked the Egyptian themed room. First time in an escape room for us all. Highly recommend ILocked. Great alternative for a teen birthday. The girls choose to complete the tasks in the dark with the lanterns. The props and room were well thought out and was in good, clean condition. The help was also greatly appreciated ... clear briefing and would highly recommend it. We all want to return for another room. Keep producing the rooms! We ALL loved it and couldnt stop talking about it. Thanks.
Charis Oliver
read moreThree of us went today to the Mummy room, and it was amazing so much detail was put into each room and it was tough to do!! Made it out with 2 minutes to go and enjoyed every second. Like nothing I've done before, it's a hidden gem!!!
Dean Blonde
read moreWe had the privilege of being allowed to try the new game. We also did the mummy, very clever puzzles and no pad locks, we have done escape rooms before and ilocked is a head of it's competitors with very intelligent games. Defiantly well thought out and we will be sending everyone we know. Thanks ilocked for a great day.
Rebecca Coggle
read moreDefinitely the best escape room we've done. So interactive and not a padlock in sight! We managed to escape with 1 minute to spare, plus a few hints. Although it's quite a way for us to come I'm already trying to plan an excuse to visit the new rooms. Would definitely recommend for anyone in the area.
Liz Bridge
read moreFantastic escape room! The best I've been to! It's not full of number codes and padlocks like your usual escape room, a huge ampamoof wffore has been put into this to make it unique and really good fun! Will definitely try another one here.
Selina T.
read moreWow, what an amazing game. A group of 3 of us took on Alien and it was unlike any escape room we had ever played. The 'set' was of movie quality, the special effects were amazing and the level of technology was next level in terms of any other escape game we have been too. I would definitely recommend, you will not be disappointed!
Jenn Brown
read moreDone 4 rooms before, completed each with time to spare. Found this one a real challenge because it was less about solving individual easily identifiable puzzles and more about pitting your wits against one big puzzle in the form of a booby trapped tomb. Really reminiscent of classic adventure films and great fun. Would love to come back and try the new rooms being built. Very well put together set.
Benjamin Warner
read moreThis place is insane; best escape room I've visited by a mile. The technology used and the whole experience was just incredible. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. I'm not suggesting you go, I'm telling you. Go!
Alex Ferguson
read moreLike no other escape room! I've done loads of escape rooms and this is definitely the future of the industry! Incredibly high budget, no padlocks/number puzzles to work out - absolutely unique! We did the mummy room and will absolutely be back to try the others. 10 MILLION STARS.
Patrick Mcconnell
read moreWe have played both of their rooms that are currently open. Great games with some incredible tech. Plot lines are well thought through and the staff are great.
Ceri Davies
read moreFab experience. Great host who guided us through the game. A great escape room for large groups. Excited for the next room they hope to open in the future.
Aaron Snape
read moreI've played many rooms and thought Ilocked was going to be like or similar to all the other rooms I've done before. After doing the mummy theme a few weeks ago and I was blown away. The attention to detail was immense. In not gonna give anything away but it was like nothing I've experienced before. The automation was out of this world. It was just the way the room ran itself and how everything worked on point. Anyway, the reason for my review is because I've just done there second room alien, and in just lost for words. After doing the mummy I thought I'd played the best room I've ever done. But I can safely say I was wrong.

Alien definitely is my number one room so far. Then the game master showed me some pictures of the new room they're building and I must say I cannot wait to play it. I don't know how the owner thinks of this stuff but I think Ilockeds 3 rooms are going to be my top 3 rooms out of them all. My review will not do how detailed and fluid the rooms are. It's a must if your looking for something different to any other rooms.
Ricky Brett
read moreAfter playing the mummy game, with family. Really enjoyed the level of detail and the fact no locks and keys to find, genuinely one of a kind. Loved it. Will be back to play alien
Tom Wood
read moreLoved every minute here. We did the Mummy room and it was like no other escape room i have played in the past. Very detailed room with lots to do. We will be back soon 👍


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read moreLive escape games are getting more and more popular, and you can play right in the heart of Nottingham with iLocked. The basic idea is that you and your teammates have to solve a number of challenging...
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