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Our expert team of leadership development consultants have built on our years of experience in the field with dedicated research – with the aim of bringing organisations the huge uplifts in results that are available from creating high performing leadership teams.

I made one big mistake – the results available were actually bigger than even I had thought. I called the business One Third More because I thought that was a conservative estimate as to how much additional value can be achieved by developing a high performing leadership team.

When we began the research, leaders from a huge range of organisations told us that the improvement in results available averaged 90% for an underperforming team and 45% for a team already performing well. The results we have got from working with teams shows that these figures may be conservative.
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27 Victoria Embankment
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
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0845 519 7971
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Testimonial #1
It’s not often that I pick up a book and literally don’t want to put it down until I’ve savoured every word. This book was one of those, and will undoubtedly appeal to anyone who is interested in the dynamics of Leadership Team performance.
The book provides a superb balance between leadership theory and common sense, as well as easily digestible, practical advice on how to facilitate these [Six Game Changing] conversations.
I found the tools and case studies particularly useful. The book even contains fascinating insights from the author’s experience of the Kenyan Maasai people and how their collective approach to success has much to teach us in the Boardroom.
JUMP! acts as an important reminder to constantly think about how leadership teams can improve. It’s essential reading for even the busiest executive.
ByHR Magazine
Testimonial #2
Chris Henderson has designed a brilliant introduction specifically for busy leaders who need to quickly get to grips with their team. His introduction gives a convincing diagnosis of the problem of modern leadership and offers a framework that is both simple to adopt but also rich in potential.
The Jump! Methodology centres around six key conversations that leaders need to have with their teams. The book gives accompanying narrative and practical tools for each of these six conversations: Ambition, Relationships, Priority, Accountability, Delivery and Learning.
Although this book rewards the ‘quick dip’ approach (with superb diagrams, well laid out boxed highlights and a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ annex) I’m deeply impressed with the quality and clarity of thinking in this book, and convinced that it merits more careful detailed reading.
I’d recommend this book for busy leaders who want a simple framework to help them get to grips with their teams but also for those who are interested in a deeper read to support group coaching within organisations.
I expect Jump! will stay near the top of my working pile of books, becoming increasingly marked up with highlighters & post-it notes – a really useful working text!
ByChartered Management Institute
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